The Washington Area Model United Nations Conference is a four-day exercise in diplomacy, international affairs, and global knowledge. WAMUNC prides itself on being one of the premier high school Model United Nations conferences in the world. Its’ uniqueness lies in its high quality simulations as well as its geographic location in the heart of the American capital. WAMUNC is located just outside Washington, D.C. and is fully staffed and sponsored by the George Washington University.

Over the conference’s four days, WAMUNC provides educational experiences through its committee simulations. Further, WAMUNC’s location in the nation’s capital allows delegates to experience briefings, lectures, and speeches from leading professionals in related fields. Whether delegates are Model UN veterans or completely new to the MUN scene, they will find that this conference will challenge their diplomatic skills, increase their knowledge of the subjects debated, and enrich their understanding of the world.

Our Mission

The Washington Area Model United Nations Conference is dedicated to promoting the development of diplomacy and knowledge of the field of international affairs amongst high school students from all over the world by providing a top-quality conference experience that allows learning and personal growth in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

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WAMUNC XXI Secretariat

Kellie Bancalari - Secretary General

Danielle Gillerin - Executive Director

Maham Quraishi - Chief of Staff

Kevin Chen - Director of Finance

Gabriela Rodriguez Garcia - Director of Public Relations

Andie Kemmerle - Director of Technology

Anika Mian - Director of Programming

Sami Lyons - USG for International Bodies

Kate Strachan - USG of Crisis Committees

Will Liscomb - USG for Historical and Specialized Bodies

Emma Ogonoski - USG for Regional Bodies and Councils

Krista Nolan - Director of Conference Relations

Angelo Fernandez - Senior Advisor