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The Globe is the official undergraduate international affairs journal of The George Washington University’s International Affairs Society and the Elliott School of International Affairs. Its online counterpart, The Compass, publishes articles from online staff writers and as well as electronic copies of The Globe.

Our Mission

The Globe aims to engage The George Washington University academic community in responsible global citizenship through the promotion of undergraduate international relations scholarship.  The papers published in The Globe offer rich diversity in thought and conviction.  All George Washington University undergraduates are actively encouraged to submit their original academic work for consideration.  We hope the clarity, honesty, and accountability of these pages encourage dynamic leadership on a community-wide level.

Articles on The compass

Pawel Adamowicz’s murder: an ominous sign of the times

By Lorenzo Marchetti on 29 January 2019

Charity events are supposed to be gathering moments for people who support good causes. Despite possible differences, …

The bolsonaro administration: causes and consequences

By Raj Rao on 26 January 2019

In October 2018, Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party (PSL) became Brazil’s next president, defeating Fernando Haddad …

Economic and political unrest in Italy, explained

By Ananya Murthy on 6 January 2019

An October 2018 viral video showed an escalator in Rome malfunctioning, injuring dozens of people. The video …

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The Globe’s Staff

Blake Burdge - Editor-In-Chief, The Globe

Parth Kotak - Managing Editor, The Compass

Sophie Mason - Senior Editor, The Compass

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