Learning Beyond the Classroom

From excursions to visit an embassy to inviting distinguished guest speakers, the IAS takes full advantage of the George Washington University’s prime location in the heart of Washington, DC. Our events connect GW students to the vibrant political and international community in the city, helping them develop an understanding of international relations and being a global citizen.

Embassy event 1.jpg

Embassy Trips

The nation’s capital is rich with opportunities to engage the international community. We take students to different embassies to receive briefings from embassy officials, allowing them to experience another countries’ politics and culture. Pictured above is our most recent trip to the Japan Information and Cultural Center.

Hass event 3.jpg

Featured Scholars

One of the best ways to learn about international affairs is by listening to those who practice it daily. We love bringing scholars and practitioners form different fields to speak on topics of interest. Pictured above is an event with Dr. Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Academic 2.jpg

World Leaders

Bringing accomplished world leaders to our campus is an incredible privilege; one which we use to offer our members incredible experiences. Being able to interact with and listen to these leaders transforms “international affairs” from words in a textbook into a tangible and exciting experience. Pictured above is Dr. Joyce Banda, former President of Malawi.